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Unread postPosted: Mon May 07, 2012 10:34 am 
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Joined: Sat Jun 30, 2007 11:55 am
Posts: 3001
My Ride: 2014 Grizzly 700 SE
Location: Palmer Rapids, Ontario
Rolled over the 1st 1000km over the weekend.

The quad continues to impress at the throttle. It's smooth, fast acceteration has no flat spots. Have not had the guts or real estate to get to top speed yet, but on the ride Saturday, had it up to 100 kph on flat hard packed dirt rd near Cooper. It got there very quickly and there was plenty left. I'm sure it will hit 70 MPH and a bit beyond. The impressive thing is how fast it gets there. For low end torque, this machine has to be one of the best. Even in High Range going up rocky hills, a small shot of throttle and it leaps forward as though it was in low.

Comfort and Accessories
Some may say it is a stiffer ride than other machines but I don't notice it. I really like the suspension as is. At the end of the day I feel less beat up than I ever did on an Outlander. Probably due to the light handling of the machine. Have only had my front tank bag with me once so far for extra gear. Normally can fit everything into the Kimpex Box on the rear and food, water and other small items in the front storage and side bins on each fender.

Fuel Economy
It has a 19.3 Liter tank. Initially was getting poor mileage but now that the machine is broken in, it has improved a little. Last couple of times out a tank last to around the 110km mark.

Handling and Braking
Handles like it's on rails. As mentioned before, it rolls to the outside on aggressive cornering but I'm used to it now and now how to read it. It feels as stable as any other machine I've ridden on off camber hills. Handles tricky decents over loose rocks and corners well. The engine braking is very strong. Even on a steep grade unless you give it a small bit of throttle it will almost stop.

The front brakes work as well as any other duel front disc brake systems. The rear sealed wet brake feels a little spongy but still works good. Have not had to do any further adjustments to the brakes since new.

The power Steering is seamless. No buttons for different modes or levels. It only kicks in as soon as the machine begins to move so if you want to turn the bars at a stand still you're on manual. Once moving the steering does what it's supposed to do and gives plenty of assist at low speeds and backs off at higher speeds. Have had no issues yet with the EPS.

Cooling System
Mine has worked perfectly from new. Have not ran the quad in any hot weather yet (+20 Celcius) so cannot sat how it would handle a day in the woods slugging in the middle of summer. Machine has not been burried in heavy thick mud but has gone through plenty of deep muddy water holes and rad has not plugged. As mentioned in another topic, it blew a rad fan fuze after a hole when the water or mud stopped the fan but that is what it's supposed to do. Been through plenty of deeper stuff since with no problems.

Ground Clearance
This is a bit strange. It only has about 9 1/2 inches of clearance compared to most others at around 12 inches. My Brute goes over rocks I have hit many times on an Outlander. However the machine seems to get high centered more easily in holes doing the dog paddle than I ever did on an Outlander. This has only happened twice though and the first time was a rock I think any machine would have got hung up on and the 2nd time I may have made it through had I hit the hole with more speed rather than driving slowly into it. Not a big issue I think the clearance is just fine.

Been in some fairly deep water and not a drop has got into the tranny or airbox. Apparently that was an issue with older Brutes.

Easiest Air filter to change in the industry. Stock foam filter elements are only a few bucks (Six or Seven) and come oiled ready to go. They are cleanable but are so cheap I just buy a bunch of new ones and put one in after every couple of rides. Takes about two minutes. I put a little rim grease on the edges to seal it up well.

I've been changing the oil and filter every 200 - 300 km's with Kawi 10W - 40 Mineral oil. Everything is easy to get at even with the skid plates on.

Plastics are holding up well and seem fairly scratch resistant. Very few marks on mine however I put gobs of Protectant 303 on after a good cleaning to make it look new again.

Pain in the Ass Stuff
Hate the exposed electrics under the seat. It's difficult to clean out the mud and crap in there. Time will tell how the connections hold up with all the exposure to the elements. I know they can be greased but they should have a better system.

It's hard to clean out the inside of the wheels without removing them. On an outlander I could get my hands in there but not on the Brute. The rest of the machine is very accessible for cleaning. Lots of space to easily flush out the rad with a garden hose.

Very happy with the machine to date. It's a blast to rip around the trails on with tons of power. It handles great, it sounds great and looks great. Still have to wait out and see if things begin to break down prematurely. I don't run the snot out of the machines but don't ride easily either.

If it Wigs out I'll keep you posted..... :ride:

2014 Grizzly 700 SE - Tactical Black

- Zillas wrapped around SS 212 Black Matte Rims
- Yamaha Skids
- 3000 lb Superwinch
- Grip and Thumb Warmers
- Moose Rear Soft Bag
- Garmin GPS Map62s / RAM Mount
- SPOT 2 Satelite Messenger
- GoPro HD Helmut Cam

Photos: http://s203.photobucket.com/albums/aa17 ... adventure/
Video:(2007 - Present) - YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/My17A/videos?view=pl

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